He collaborated with the theme 'Agatha' on the charity album for the Fundació Univers Agatha, together with other musicians such as Jordi Sabatès, Max Sunyer or Amadeu Casas.

You can click on the image and listen to the various tracks on the disc. By the way, you will be helping the Foundation.

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'I FEEL THE WIRES' is the first Catalan song made with artificial intelligence. Winner of the audience award of the prestigious AI SONG CONTEST 2021, it deserves a separate explanation.

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'CICLES' is a short movie created in time-lapse technique for which the director Pei Iborra commissioned the music to PERE PÈRIES. The short would end up winning two of the three prizes awarded in the III Miquel Obiols Audiovisual Competition. The audience award was given to the composer for the mention of the best music.

Click on the image to view the short 'CYCLES'.

The innovative German production 'RED CUNT' by director Mrs. Toti Baches, with music by Pere Pèries and Andrew Krell, has been successfully released in European cinemas. Now available in theaters and on Vimeo.


And, of course, the incursion into the world of theater could only come from the hand of the musical genre. But let's talk about that in the THEATER section. You can click on the images to access them.

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