Our workflow is quite simple, in broad terms.


FIRST we need a grasp of your project. What is YOUR VISION. How can we contribute to the fulfilling of your project from our expertise point of view, and see everything that is possible within the budget.


Do you need a score with LEITMOTIFS?


A MINIMALISTIC approach, or an EPIC one?

SECOND, we will submit to you a couple of TESTS, to check that we are in the same flow. If you like the tests and feel this is what your production needs, then we will do the needed paperwork to start the work.

THIRD, we will join you in the CREATION PROCESS writing the music according to your script and storyboard. You can free your creativity to the full. We will STUDY YOUR AUDIENCE, and adapt to your creation.

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We only work with up-to-date gear. 

The mock-up orchestral and choir tests are worked with the BEST LIBRARIES. We have also a set of ANALOG INSTRUMENTS to add warmth and punch to your score.

We have the best studio musicians and singers available, and recording studios with different configurations to suit almost every project.

We are used to take INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS with different media production sites and teams involved.

Above all, we MASTER THE ART of writing the musical experience your audience needs.


In a natural way, we will convey the EMOTIONS you imagined.